About Called 2 Witness

Called 2 Witness is THE podcast for Christian young men that want to take their faith to the next level. C2W is the weekly podcast calling Christian young men to be an effective witness to this generation. Join Nick as he takes you through the basics of being a witness for Jesus Christ in our day to day lives!

Nick Roller

Hi! I’m Nick! I am the oldest son of Dan Roller from WebPreach Ministries and I have been saved by the blood of the Lamb since 2010. God has called me to be a witness for Him and call others to be dedicated believers that seriously want to take their faith to the next level. I am all about being what God wants us to do and glorify Him.

My main instrests are in IT work like building websites, managing servers, and all the tech stuff. Another thing I’m intrested in (as you probably can tell) is podcasting and thats what this is!

If you want to know more about C2W and it’s beginning check out episode #1!

C2W #1: Intro To Life